The complete immigraiton guide for all students to come to Canada by top rated immigration lawyer

Many students aspire to study in the best countries to have a better career and a future. Canada boasts to have some of the best universities and colleges where students from many different countries come and study for better educational facilities. Majority of all the Canadian universities and colleges feature in the top 50 around the world and have affiliations with many other colleges of different countries. As a student if you are planning to immigrate to Canada, it is important to follow all immigration procedures and ensure all the legal requirements are Consulting with a top rated immigration lawyer can help you smoothly guide through the process.

The first thing that every student needs to do is get an admission offer from one of the educational institution. Once the offer letter is obtained, the need to file for their student visa. Some countries may require additional medical checks. Every student that is coming to Canada is also required to make a $10,000 deposit in the account for proof of finances. Once the student visa is approved and all the tests are done, you are all set to come to Canada.

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When you arrive at the airport, the first thing you will be asked to do is getting the student permit. The student permit is an important piece of government document that validates your eligibility to study in Canada. You are only allowed to study in Canada Till the time this study permit is valid. The student permit has also one big advantage. Student permit allows all students to work for 20 hours in the week when the regular semester is going. During the holidays and summer time, students are allowed to work up to 40 hours like a full time employee.

Once education is completed, all students are eligible to apply for their post grad work permit. The post grad work permit allows all students to find employment after the studies are done. the duration for the post grad work permit is determined by the duration of the course you were enrolled in. Once you start gaining work experience on your work permit, you can then be eligible to apply for your permanent residency through many immigration programs. One of the most common with the highest rates of success is the express entry program. Express entry programs is specifically designed for students who come to study in Canada. Students can make their profile after one year of experience and then can enroll themselves in the immigration draw. Once their points are matched, they can file for immigration.

Canada is a great country and offers a lot of opportunity for all students who want to have better life and successful and a sound career ahead. You can easily immigrate to Canada by consulting with an immigration lawyer and booking your appointment. It is always advisable to consult with an immigration lawyer before moving to any new country. Call or email now to book your consultation.  Read this immigration information for more clarity.